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I Tried a Dating App...

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Yes, you read the title correctly; I tried a dating app. I know! Me out of all people. Who would’ve thought? Before I created my account, I asked my Instagram followers if they ever tried finding “the one” on a dating app, and surprisingly I received some mixed reviews

Many of my followers expressed that dating apps were simply not for them, while others vocalized that their current relationship began because they took that leap of faith. Since I gathered mixed responses from my followers, I wanted to check it out for myself and formulate my own opinion based on my experience. I chose to go with Bumble because it was highly recommended and allowed me to filter out the candidates. Bumble didn’t seem sketchy, weird, or outlandish so I went on to create a profile.

Now you’re probably wondering if I enjoyed online “dating”; The answer to that is, absolutely not. The funny thing is, I disliked it so much that I lasted less than 24 hours! You’re probably thinking to yourself, “Alex, you didn’t give it a chance” or “you’re closed-minded,” but the reality is I quickly discerned that it was simply not for me. I didn’t believe that my love story was on a dating app. I especially did not find any pleasure in swiping left or right. That action alone was quite exhausting for me, not physically but mentally. I found no joy, hope, or purpose filtering out men that could or could not be my person.

My experience felt far from natural; and more forced if anything. In a way, I felt like I was trying to take God’s role in my love story. Looking back, I think that’s why I didn’t enjoy it. I realized that God wasn’t a part of it, and I refuse to be in a relationship that lacks God’s presence. Weirdly, I also started to obsess over the app. I would find myself checking my phone every ten minutes to see if I got messages from any potential men, which became a bit much for me, and quite time consuming. If I had to rate my overall experience on a scale from 1-10, I would give it a two lol. Consider me old fashioned, but I prefer to meet someone in person and form a genuine connection that way.

All in all, I could see why I received a mixed response to online dating because it is a unique experience. Before meeting the person, you are essentially developing an entire relationship online. That can be scary for some people and that’s understandable. On the other hand, some people thrive in online dating because they don’t necessarily have to deal with the pressure of seeing that individual anytime soon.

Again, it was not for me and I don’t think it could ever be for me (unless God says otherwise). My advice to you is to do what works best for you. I say this because I know many people who’ve met their significant other online, whether on a dating app or even on a social media platform and are married with kids. Lastly, you know I can’t end this post without saying this; Invite God into your season of dating. You want God’s best for you. Please don’t think you have it under control because you honestly don’t (I’m speaking from experience).

Let Him guide you through your season because He knows exactly what you need. Sometimes we have to come to a point in our lives where we understand that what we want in life, doesn't necessarily align with God’s best for us. This is why I try to practice a life of complete submission unto God because He calls us to a life where we must abide in Him and Him in us.

Well, that was my experience. Would I do it again? Nope! I’m not even thinking about it lol. With that being said, may you experience the goodness of God in your everyday life, and may He bless your season of dating in abundance. He won’t fail you, trust me, because He has never failed me.

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Jan 16, 2021

Especially with the current events of more people staying at home and not going out, dating apps are their next and possibly only option for romance.

Dating apps is a "no" but would any still take the word of mouth from a friend or family member that someone is interested in you. Would you consider meeting them personally through text message then meet after?

I still believe if you meet and see someone on a daily basis at work, that seems to be the only place now to meet anyone, the intention is strictly work. But as time goes on, both are single and thinking that it is an option.

God wants people to meet not by chance or luck…


I love your reasoning behind why dating apps are not for you, and I couldn't agree more! If its not with God, its not for me! Love this.

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