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My Amazon Links to Some of My Favorite Products!

Welcome back everyone! I am very excited about today’s blog post because I’m doing something a little different from my normal content. Today, I am bringing to you some of my everyday favorites! I would even consider some of these items as my must-haves, especially for the colder months. They are all very much affordable and worth every penny in my opinion. I will briefly explain why these items have become essential in my day-to-day life and provide links to make it that much easier for you to purchase if you decide to do so.

By no means am I telling you, “You have to buy these items!”. Feeling pressure is the last thing I want you to feel when visiting Flourish. I simply just want to share with you what’s been making my life a little easier these days, and I don’t want to leave you behind. So, let’s get to clicking!

First, let’s talk SHOES! For the fall and winter, it’s pretty common for people to wear their UGG boots or slippers around, which is understandable because it gets the job done. It keeps us warm! Although UGG products are great, I feel as though they aren’t shoes that I can wear in the snow or rain. They leave watermarks/rings and sometimes the water seeps through which is not okay with me. With that said, let me introduce you to Sperry ducks boots. They are perfect for rain and snow. There is no need to worry about water seeping through or the boot getting damaged by snow. And guess what? They keep my feet warm as well. They get the job done with no problems.

Next are my Coquette ugg slippers!! I told you guys I stand with UGG products because they are good. I mainly wanted these slippers because most of my UGG products are for the outdoors but I finally wanted something warm and cozy for the indoors without having to wear socks all the time. I wear these slippers every day around the house! They are warm, comfortable, and a product that I believe will last me for years to come! They are also made for the outdoors as well, but I’ve made them my indoor slippers. Links to the shoes down below!

Sperry Women's Saltwater Emboss Wool Boots -

UGG Women's Coquette Slipper -

Next are my supplements. You’ve all heard the saying “health is wealth.” Well, people, it’s true. The older I get, the more I believe this saying and the desire to implement healthier habits in my day-to-day life grows. Now, don't get me wrong; this does not mean that I am at the gym working out every second of my life or on a strict diet. Instead, I’ve decided to start small by ensuring my body gets what it needs by taking my daily supplements. Linked below are my Olly women's multivitamins and Olly probiotics. I take these multivitamins every day to get the essential nutrients to nourish my body daily, such as vitamin A which is good for your vision and immune system. In addition, I take probiotics for my overall digestive health. Probiotics are the good bacteria that naturally live in your body but I take supplements to lower my chances of UTIs, yeast infections, etc. Its job is to maintain a healthy balance in your body, especially your gut. I also prefer gummy supplements over pills because it makes me look forward to eating them. They taste so much better than regular supplements and it’s less likely that I’ll forget to take them because of how tasty they are!

Let’s talk about my room essentials. If you guys know me, you know that I love me some candles! My all-time favorite scent, Whipped Coffee, is linked below. This scent is perfect for the fall and winter months because it sets a warm and homey ambiance. You can honestly use this scent for any season but I mostly burned it during the fall season. I love it mostly because it isn't an overbearing smell but really subtle. Finally, I can’t leave this section without talking about my humidifier!! If you had to buy at least two things from anything I’ve linked, the humidifier would be one of them without a doubt. Not only is it a humidifier, but it’s also an oil diffuser. I tell you guys, I sleep so much better with my humidifier. No more nosebleeds or dry air for me! And the best part is, I can control it from my phone! Yupp…click the link lol!

Bath & Body Works, White Barn 3-Wick Candle w/Essential Oils -

Who would I be if I did not add the Lord to one of my blog posts? My women’s study bible is hands-down one of the best purchases I’ve made to enhance my spiritual life. I enjoy this bible specifically because not only do I get to feed my soul the living word of God, but it also has short excerpts throughout it about key women in the bible and their importance to the overall story. It touches on the realities of women in today’s world such as infertility, abuse, relationships, and much more. This bible has helped reassure me that God knows my every need as a woman. The beautiful design and illustrations of this bible are also a plus!

Last but not least, I have my work essentials linked below for you. My apple watch is one essential that definitely makes my shifts go that much smoother and forgetting it at home leaves me feeling naked. I am constantly in need of the time while I am at work, especially when performing POC (Point of Care) tests such as rapid COVID, flu, strep, pregnancy, and more. We can administer these tests and disclose the results to our patients within minutes, so it is important that my watch is always on me. Another essential is my hydroflask! I love bringing my hydroflask to work because it keeps my water cold all shift. Warm water is not for me. Having a hydroflask allows me to use very little to no plastic water bottles while I am working. In my opinion, I feel like I tend to be more wasteful when I have plastic water bottles because I lose track of how many I opened and which one was mine to begin with. With my hydroflask, I never have that issue. Hydroflasks even keep your hot drinks hot for hours as well which is a plus. You cannot go wrong with having one of these around!

Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS, 42mm) -

Hydro Flask Standard Mouth Flex Cap Bottle -

And that's a wrap! My daily necessities that I highly recommend you check out. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. Please let me know if you enjoyed this post and want more of it! Comment down below if you ended up purchasing one of these products and what your necessities are so we can chat it up. Thank you again for supporting me and my ministry. You are very much appreciated. Until next time, God bless you!

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