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Did you


  1. I thoroughly enjoy watching Marvel movies.

  2. I am a psychology major, but pursuing medicine after undergrad.

  3. I am very passionate about kids, which is why I picked up a minor in Child Advocacy and Policy.

  4. The topic of mental health/illness fascinates me. I enjoy learning about disorders, treatment, and prevention.

  5. I enjoy organizing and being organized. It makes my life feel less stressful and chaotic.

  6. I sing, and can’t imagine my life without my gift.

  7.  I was named after my father, but his name was spelled “Alix” instead of “Alex”.

  8. My mom wanted me to be a boy... clearly, God had better plans.

  9. If I could live in Target, I would. I love that place!

  10.  I love food! I am instantly in a better mood when I eat.

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